Irish Potato, Plantain & Fried Egg

This afternoon, I made Irish potato, plantain and fried egg! That’s a lot, right? But not much effort!

Ingredients (all): Irish potatoes, plantain, eggs (raw), carrots and lettuce, groundnut oil (vegetable oil), maggi cubes, salt and pepper (ground pepper or habanero)

Irish potato: While your g. oil is on the fire to heat a little

  1. Peel the Irish potato and cut into 4 (vertically)… could be cut into 5; depends the size of the potato (small or big)
  2. Spice with maggi and salt
  3. Fry the potatoes until golden brown

Your potato is ready!


Plantain: Now, who doesn’t love some plantains?

The ingredients have been added above. Now, your frying pan should be on the fire with g. oil in it

  1.  Peel the plantain and slice (slice in a horizontal way but slightly bent; you can also slice horizontally- straight)
  2.  Spice with salt
  3.  Fry until golden brown

Your plantain is ready!

Fried Eggs:


  1. Break some eggs (raw)
  2. Add grated or thinly chopped carrots and sliced lettuce (just little- you do not want it too much)


3. Now, mix thoroughly with a spoon. Make sure to mix thoroughly.

4. Pour into the oil and fry till golden brown (now you need just little oil to fry eggs)

Yippee! Your food is ready!


Make sure to top it with juice. I had my lunch with some  fruits and Amstel Malta 😉



Summary with pictures:

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Victoria ❤


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