Do It Yourself (pictures only)

Foot Mats:

Paper Snowflakes:

Mini Decorations (paper):

Flowers (paper):










Summary with pictures:

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Victoria Lola ❀


22 thoughts on “Do It Yourself (pictures only)

  1. I love the paper flowers! I’m always intimidated by the idea of trying to make those myself (I really really REALLY want to though, just worried I’ll mess them up). Yours look great! You should do a little vid on it or something! x

    • Thank you. Oh, ok, first of all, you have to make a sketch on a piece of paper (how you want your hat to look like), then transfer the sketch to your cloth material (here, it should be bigger than the paper sketch as the paper sketch is just an easy guide to how you want it to look), then cut out the bigger sketch on your cloth material material stitch neatly with a needle and thread. I’m going to make a blog post on how to make it (with pictures) soon so you can understand it better. Thanks, lovely xx

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