Celebrating Leanne Prendergast

I’m privileged to mentor one of the most beautiful, toughest and intelligent creatures in the world; I met her some few days ago after I was assigned to mentor her.

Lemme introduce this amazing young woman to y’all.

She’s Leanne M Prendergast, she was born in London but moved to Canada at a very tender age. While in school, she was bullied because of her eyes :(. Yes. Her eyes. Imagine what she went through at a tender age. I mean, how could they have been so blind to see the beauty in those eyes; the awesomeness!

Suicide, an option? Surgery? Yes, she thought of those….she wanted a doctor to operate on those sweet eyes but the doc told her she might go blind and never see again. Thanks to her mum who encouraged her baby girl to write her experience in a book 

Getting To Know Me

…to empower other young women and girls who go through. Afterwards, guess what? She thrived. She survived. She found that strength and realized that inner power to move on in that magnificence.

Leanne Found Her Purpose

She also founded Love Our Lives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping victims of bullying.

She helps women and girls build their confidence and self esteem through PEAR method and empowerment projects, she helps girls see the inner beauty in them; the beauty that only that girl can see.

She has that passion burning in her, to help so many and I’m optimistic she can change the world. I believe in her….it’s a step by step process, right?

My special appreciation to the kids who bullied her (who are all adults now), thanks for bullying her…..because it helped her discover her beauty, her purpose.

Now, a little advice for all parents:

The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’.

Your children are your responsibility and their future lies in your hand; train your kids from cradle. If your kids are amongst the ones ready to bully other kids for one stupid reason or the other, then you’ve got a lot of work to do, and if you know your kids do this and you do nothing about it, you need to change….because on the judgement day, you’ll surely give account of stewardship- how you train your kids in the right way. And it won’t be nice if you’re asked to go to Hell because of your kids.

I keep thanking God for Lee’s life and the angel (her mum) He sent to her to help her during that time; because most kids would never tell their parents what they go through in school because they fear what is being said about them is true and won’t want their parents to know, thereby leading to depression, loneliness, low self esteem, bad behaviour, evil thoughts and suicide, etc….the outcome is never good….but thank God for Lee.
So, today is Lee’s birthday and she’s twenty something today (well, she didn’t give me the go-ahead to disclose her age but we cool with twenny sumfin, right?). Please help me wish her a super duper day.
On this day, may you bask in love, sunshine, happiness, good memories and flowers. Happy Womb Escape :* and have a blast my baby ❤

You can also help empower these victims by donating to Love Our Lives or reach out via LinkedIn

The next post will be from Leanne herself, sharing how she spent her birthday on a cruise in Miami


Victoria Lola ❤

I’m worth a lot

Hello lovelies. How do you do today?

I found this and thought I should share

In a brief conversation, a man asked a woman he was pursuing the question: “What kind of man are you looking for?”

She sat quietly for a moment before looking him in the eye & asking,

“Do you really want to know?”

Reluctantly, he said, “Yes.”

She began to expound: “As a woman in this day & age, I am in a position to ask a man what you can do for me that I can’t do for myself? I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without the help of any man…. or woman for that matter. I am in the position to ask, “What can you bring to the table?”

The man looked at her. Clearly he thought that she was referring to money.

She quickly corrected his thought & stated, “I am not referring to money. I need something more. I need a man who is striving for excellence in every aspect of life.”

He sat back in his chair, folded his arms, & asked her to explain. She said:

“I need someone who is striving for excellence mentally because I need conversation & mental stimulation. I don’t need a simple-minded man. I need someone who is striving for excellence spiritually because I don’t need to be unequally yoked…believers mixed with unbelievers is a recipe for disaster. I need a man who is striving for excellence financially because I don’t need a financial burden. I need someone who is sensitive enough to understand what I go through as a woman, but strong enough to keep me grounded. I need someone who has integrity in dealing with relationships. Lies and game playing are not my idea of a strong man. I need a man who is family-oriented. One who can be the leader, priest and provider to the lives entrusted to him by God. I need someone whom I can respect. In order to be submissive, I must respect him. I cannot be submissive to a man who isn’t taking care of his business. I have no problem being submissive…he just has to be worthy. And by the way, I am not looking for him… He will find me. He will recognize himself in me. He may not be able to explain the connection, but he will always be drawn to me. God made woman to be a helpmate for man. I can’t help a man if he can’t help himself.”

When she finished her spill, she looked at him.

He sat there with a puzzled look on his face.

He said, “You are asking a lot.”

She replied, “I’m worth a lot.”

Great! I think I agree with her, to some points tho. I mean, here,

“As a woman in this day & age, I am in a position to ask a man what you can do for me that I can’t do for myself? I pay my own bills. I take care of my household without the help of any man…. or woman for that matter. I am in the position to ask, “What can you bring to the table?”

Is this necessary? Oh yea, she’s got the right to ask what he wants to bring to the table because good men with good realistic visions are scarce but how would you want him to answer this? I’m confused as to what answers he can give. Please help him



So, sweethearts, here is the question.

Ladies, do you support all this woman have said? If your brother or son came home telling you this was the encounter he had with a woman he’s interested in…..would you advise him to give an answer or you’ll feel she’s proud and a feminist?

Gentlemen, if you got this from a lady who have interest in, what would be your response? Would you think she’s proud? Or this would trigger you to like her more?

Let’s do this, cupcakes!


Victoria Lola ❤

Let’s make Chocolate Wreath Cake


3 cups all-purpose flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder, baking soda, 1 cup teaspoons salt, sugar, semisweet chocolate; finely chopped, butter, eggs (lightly beaten), vanilla extract, fresh raspberries, dried cranberries or cherries for garnish, water, sugar, and food colouring (any color of your choice)

Ok, let’s start!

Preheat the oven to 350° F. Butter and flour the tube pan.

  • In a large bowl, sift togetger flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
  • In a pot, combine sugar and water and bring to boil. Remove the pot and stir in the chocolate and one stick butter. When completely melted, whisk all the mixture to combine
  • Whisk in the lightly beaten eggs
  • Pour half of the chocolate mixture into the dry ingredients and whisk vigorously to thoroughly combine the ingredients and remove any lumps
  • Now, add the remaining chocolate mixture and mix
  • Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for an hour.
  • Let the cake cool in the pan for some few minutes, then turn out onto a rack to coop completely

  • In another bowl, cream together the remaining sticks of butter and the sugar. Mix until light and fluffy
  • Remove one-third cup of icing, place in a small bowl, color with few drops of food coloring.
  • Put the remaining icing in a pot, and add the vanilla. Over low heat, stir the icing until it becomes a pourable consistency (if it overheats, causing the butter to separate, put the icing in the refrigerator to chill and stir to bring it back together)
  • Pour the icing over the cooled cake
  • Cluster the berries on it….I blended my berries on it
  • Here, you have your chocolate wreath cake


Victoria Lola ❤

Whose Responsibility now?

Hey lovelies, I know you missed me. I also missed you….. I’ve been sick! And thank God I’m getting better now.

So, I’m just going to throw a question at y’all after telling you what I think about an opinion.

Last Friday, my friends and I were having an argument about marriage! Family! Whose responsibility?

My friends think the responsibility to cook and attend to other house chores falls on the wife because the man is the head of the house, he married her, brought her to his house, and she bears his name, and its the  norm…… many pointless reasons (well, I think these points aren’t reasonable). I cannot blame them much; that’s what they’ve been brought up to believe, right?

In my opinion, no one has the responsibility to cook and attend to other chores…not the wife, not the man. Yes! you saw that! I mean, what constitution or law says the wife has to do it all…….this is where abuse starts, really.

Chores are responsibilities and anyone can take them up, not imposed on anyone. You see your wife cooking, sweeping, fetching water and doing other things at the same time and you sit there, claiming to be the man, watching the TV or doing whatever it is you’re engrossed with….isn’t that unfair?

Let’s bring the Bible into this. God commanded respect for the man, right? But don’t you forget the Bible called the wife helpmate. The Bible said love your wife, God also commanded man as the head of his wife, his family (some men even quote the part of the Bible that says women are weaker vessels. You claim she’s a weaker vessel yet that weaker vessel does all the chores…huh?)No one is disputing the fact that you’re the head but being head doesn’t mean you turn your wife into a slave.

She leaves for work in the morning and comes back so tired, yet she comes in to resume another shift, without complaining……we’re human, please…how do you expect a woman to keep doing all these and not get exhausted some day….and not fade in appearance? And she still feeds her family from her earnings as majority of women are breadwinners. Ha!

A girl has to learn how to cook. If she cannot cook, why can’t she dream of marrying a man who does the cooking?

For the single ladies out there, please make sure you and your fiance understand and settle this before moving into that institution called marriage.

Note: I’m not complaining about women doing all the chores, I mean we love it! But helping out isn’t bad and stop making it a duty for us. Men, go into the kitchen and prepare a lovely meal for us…..that’s romantic, we love it, we think it’s special and we love you more when you help us with chores, without being asked.

If we need positive changes in our society, it starts with you, let’s educate our children, especially the male child, they do not have to grow with the mindset that all house chores belong to the woman.

So, here’s the question, whose responsibility is it to cook for the family, and see to the chores?

Is it the husband? the wife? Or no one has the responsibility to cook

whose respon




now 1

Do not get me wrong, this is not a feminist idea as some will think but just so we all can understand and learn from other people’s perspective…..Don’t forget….one of the aims of this blog is to learn. I’m learning also.


My ladies and gentlemen, talk to me, I need to know I’m not getting it all wrong, and if you think I need to understand one or few points, please make me.


Victoria Lola ❤

50 + 1 Reasons Why You Should Learn Foreign Languages

First of all,

What is Language? It is the system of communicating in speech and writing; and this is used by people in a particular country or area. It could also be movement, symbols or sounds.


I’ve always had much interest in learning new languages; and that’s what I’ve been doing, recently- thanks to Memrise and Duolingo; these are some of the best apps to learn any foreign language. I use Memrise for Spanish and Duolingo for French

With these apps, you learn and answer some questions (based on what you’ve learnt), there are stages (easy-difficult level); it gets harder as you graduate from one stage to another. There’s the classic review where you’re asked some questions (and answers may be typed or selected i.e. you listen to the pronunciation and pick an answer).

There’s also the Speed review; here you select the right answers within a given time; for instance, you’re given just 2 minutes to select the answers to 10 questions; this enables the app to know if you’re expert in the interested language or you need more classic review.

There’s the ‘Learn New Word’ where you learn new words from each stage. There’s the Listening Skills, Difficult words and Meet the Natives (my favorite). Meet the Natives gives you the opportunity to listen to the native of the language you’re learning, and you respond or interpret what they’ve said.

With these two apps, you are good to go! Isn’t this just great?

So far, I’ve learnt Spanish, French and Swahili with these amazing apps, I’m also learning Hebrew and Greek from my momma 😉 and learning her dialect too; she hails from Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria! I have zero interest in my dad’s dialect =D; I have a feeling with time, I’ll learn that as well

In my country, we’ve got 3 major ethnic groups (i.e. Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba) and more than 300 minor ethnic groups and each ethnic group (both major and minor) has its own dialect. Ok, Let me break in down; for instance, there are 36 states in Nigeria, 5 states belong to the Igbo (Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo) and these states have 95 + local government in total (each LG has its own dialect; even one LG has up to 10 dialects; because there are different towns that make up these LGs and each town may have its own dialect), same for Hausa and Yoruba and the minor ethnic groups. So tell me, where do I start my lesson from? I can’t learn one-quarter of these in a thousand year, right?

Why I picked interest in world official foreign languages, and why you should, too



  • these are world languages
  • language for the job market
  • opportunity to secure jobs with International organizations
  • you can easily make new friends
  • you keep your brain active
  • you appreciate art in its creative form
  • you show respect to foreign colleagues
  • you understand other people’s culture better
  • language of culture
  • it is a language of education
  • a language for work
  • you’re able to communicate with a larger network
  • you make yourself more indispensable
  • you easily invite International business into your city
  • you find it easy to relocate to anywhere in the world
  • strengthen your decision making
  • step back for perspective
  • you have better understanding of the world
  • you have better knowledge on how stereotype affects negatively
  • you cut out middlemen
  • you see the world from a different view
  • you’re more sensitive to cultural differences
  • you’re able to compete with anyone
  • learning common and difficult words can help improve and facilitate personal and business relationship
  • you get more paid
  • you fit for a better adviser
  • you can secure jobs abroad
  • easily study abroad
  • you develop love for other
  • could help you gain scholarship easily
  • you easily help foreign visitors to your city
  • you easily understand how we all connect
  • easily make new friends
  • relate with students and citizens easily
  • learn more about food
  • achieve a new dream
  • understand your culture and other culture for comparison
  • improve memory
  • think flexibly
  • network with people from anywhere in the world
  • keeps you active and healthy
  • read and watch foreign news easily
  • watch foreign movies easily
  • you also feel like a citizen when you travel, not like a stranger
  • you feel comfortable dealing with unfamiliar situations
  • improve learning skills
  • easily speak in code
  • advance your career
  • deepen your connection to foreign cultures
  • you enrich your travel experience and
  • for fun

What other reasons do you think are genuine? Drop your thoughts! I’d love to know them 😉



Victoria Lola ❤

Personal Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement! Does it sound familiar? Or it’s your first time? Not to worry, if it sounds familiar, you will learn more from this piece and if it’s your first time, you’ll definitely love it.

Ok, so every organization has both Vision and Mission…’s same now but the difference is…..this is about YOU!

Your personal Mission Statement- the reason you exist, what you stand for, what you want to achieve….where you’re heading to.

This is very important in one’s life because it gives meaning to the life of an individual, it describes what you want to accomplish in life. Most importantly, it captures your daily life, behavior, streamlines your activities, serves as a guide throughout your lifetime, gives your life direction and gives you that sense of purpose


Begin by

  • identifying your core values and principles
  • identifying your strengths and talents
  • assessing your ability
  • accepting and embracing your dreams, your passion



A lovely guide:

You’re driving to the funeral of a loved one. As you get there, you notice flowers, the soft drums or music, you see faces of friends and family you pass along the way, you feel the shared sorrow of losing, the joy of having known, that radiates from the hearts of people there

As you walk down to the front of the room and look into the casket, you suddenly come face to face with yourself. This is your funeral, three years from today. All these people have come to honor you, to express feelings of love and appreciate your life.

As you take your seat and wait for the service to begin, you look at the program in your hand.

There are four speakers:

  • the first is someone from your family, immediate and also extended; children, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins who have come from all over the country to attend
  • the second speaker is one of your friends; someone who can give a sense of who you were as a person
  • the third speaker is from your school, work or profession
  • the fourth is from your religious society or some community organization you were involved in service

Now think and put this in a journal:

  • What would you like each of these speakers to say about you and your life?
  • What attributes would they have seen in you?
  • What contributions would you want them to remember?
  • What differences would you like to have made in their lives?
  • What achievements or success stories would you want them to talk about?
  • What kind of husband, wife, father, mother, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, cousin, student, boss, colleague, grand dad, grand mum, friend would you like their words to reflect?

Your answer to these questions is your personal mission statement


Examples of values (Abundance, Acceptance, Accomplishment, Achievement, Acknowledgement, Authenticity, Adaptability, Adequacy, Adroitness, Adventure, Affection, Affluence, Alertness, Aliveness, Ambition, Amusement, Anticipation, Appreciation, Approachability, Artfulness, Articulacy, Assertiveness, Assurance, Attentiveness, Attractiveness, Audacity, Authority, Autonomy, Availability, Awareness, Awe, Balance, Beauty, Being-ness, Belongingness, Benevolence, Blissfulness, Boldness, Bravery, Brilliance, Briskness, Buoyancy, Calmness, Camaraderie, Candor, Capability, Care, Carefulness, Certainty, Challenge, Charity, Charm, Chastity, Cheerfulness, Citizenship, Clarity, Classy, Cleanliness, Cleverness, Closeness, Cognizance, Comfort, Commitment, Community, Compassion, Competency, Complacency, Completion, Composure, Concentration, Confidence, Conformity, Congruency, Connection, Consciousness, Consistency, Contentment, Continuity, Contribution, Control, Conviction, Conviviality, Coolness, Cooperation, Copiousness, Cordiality, Correctness, Courage, Courtesy, Craftiness, Creativity, Credibility, Cunning, Curiosity, Daring, Decisiveness, Decorum, Deepness, Deference, Delicacy, Delight, Dependability, Depth, Desire, Determination, Devotion, Devoutness, Dexterity, Dignity, Diligence, Diplomacy, Direction, Directness, Discernment, Discretion, Discipline, Discovery, Discretion, Diversity, Dreaming, Drive, Duty, Dynamism, Eagerness, Economy, Ecstasy, Education, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Elation, Elegance, Empathy, Encouragement, Endurance, Energy, Enjoyment, Enlightenment, Entertainment, Enthusiasm, Exactness, Excellence, Excitement, Exhilaration, Expectancy, Expediency, Experience, Expertise, Exploration, Expressiveness, Extravagance, Extroversion, Exuberance, Evolution, Facilitating, Fairness, Faith, Fame, Fascination, Fashion, Fearlessness, Fidelity, Fineness, Finesse, Firmness, Fitness, Flexibility, Flow, Fluency, Fluidity, Focus, Fortitude, Frankness, Freedom, Friendliness, Friendship, Frugality, Fun, Gallantry, Generosity, Gentility, Genuineness, Giving, Grace,Gratefulness, Gratitude, Gregariousness, Growth, Guidance, Happiness, Harmony, Health, Heart, Helpfulness, Heroism, Holiness, Honesty, Honor, Hopefulness, Hospitality, Humility, Humor, Hygiene, Imagination, Impact, Impartiality, Impeccability, Independence, Industry, Influence, Ingenuity, Inner Harmony, Inquisitiveness, Insightfulness, Inspiration, Instinctiveness, Integrity, Intelligence, Intensity, Intimacy, Intrepidness, Introversion, Intuition, Intuitiveness, Inventiveness, Joy, Judiciousness, Justice, Keenness, Kindness, Knowledgeableness, Lavishness, Leadership, Learning, Liberation, Liberty, Liveliness, Logic, Longevity, Love, Loyalty, Majesty, Mastery, Maturity, Meaningful work, Meekness, Mellowness, Meticulousness, Mindfulness, Moderation, Modesty, Motivation, Mysteriousness, Neatness, Nerve, Obedience, Open-mindedness, Openness, Optimism, Opulence, Order, Organization, Originality, Outlandishness, Outrageousness, Passion, Peacefulness, Perceptiveness, Perfection, Perseverance, Persistence, Persuasiveness, Philanthropy, Piety, Playfulness, Pleasantness, Pleasure, Plentiful-ness, Poise, Popularity, Potency, Practicality, Pragmatism, Precision, Preeminence, Preparedness, Presence, Privacy Pro-activity, Proficiency, Professionalism, Prosperity, Prudence, Punctuality, Purity, Qualification, Quietness, Quickness, Realism, Readiness, Reason, Recognition, Recreation, Refinement, Reflection, Relaxation, Reliability, Religion, Reputation, Resilience, Resolution, Resolve, Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Restfulness, Restraint, Reverence, Richness, Rigor, Sacredness, Sacrifice, Sagacity, Saintliness, Sanguinity, Satisfaction, Security, Self-control, Selflessness, Self-realization, Self-reliance, Self-respect, Sensitivity, Sensuality, Serenity, Service, Sexuality, Sharing, Shrewdness, Significance, Silence, Silliness, Simplicity, Sincerity, Skillfulness, Smartness, Sophistication, Solidarity, Solidity, Solitude, Soundness, Speed, Spirit, Spirituality, Spontaneity, Stability, Status, Stillness, Strength, Structure, Substantiality, Success, Sufficiency, Support, Supremacy, Surprise, Superbness, Supremacy, Sympathy, Synergy, Tactfulness, Teamwork, Temperance, Thankfulness, Thoroughness, Thoughtfulness, Thrift, Tidiness, Timeliness, Traditionalism, Tranquility, Transcendence, Trust, Trustworthiness, Truth, Understanding, Uniqueness, Unity, Usefulness, Utility, Valor, Variety, Victory, Vigor, Virtue, Vision, Vitality, Vivacity, Warmth, Watchfulness, Wealth, Wholesomeness, Willfulness, Willingness, Winning, Wisdom, Wittiness, Wonder, Worthiness, Zeal, Zest)

What’s your opinion on Personal Mission Statement? Please, share :*


Victoria Lola ❤

Victabee’s World

Victabee’s World is a non-profit organization working towards the 4 E’s which are Quality Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Employability for Children, Women and Youths.

Now, what does VICTABEE even mean? After all, it is not in any dictionary. Ok, so lemme tell ya what it means…..

It is a World of Volunteering! Impart! Impart! Knowledge and power! Children, women and youths! Training! Acceptance, Accountability and development! Building skills and standards! Education, Empowerment, Employability and Entrepreneurship………. All these to conceive Effective, Efficient and responsible present and future independent, trusted leaders and change makers

So, VIC-TA-BEE means

Volunteering to

Impart and impact a culture of knowledge and power to the less privileged and homeless

Children, women and youths

Training minds through Innovation, Creativity, Empowerment (ICE) while learning and illuminating

Acceptance, Accountability, All-round Development and

Building leadership skills and standards through

Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Employability for

Effective and efficient and responsible present and future independent, trusted change makers

What inspired Victabee?

In 2007, I came across The Globe Magazine for the World’s Children Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC)…….In this magazine, I got to know soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people are homeless and hopeless….It was so difficult for me to assimilate the fact that someone could be homeless and I asked some questions no one was ready to give answers to. I asked? Who gave birth to these people? Do they have parents? Why will their parents abandon them or send them out of the house? Did they run away from home? Or their houses were demolished by the government? Or they couldn’t afford pay rent anymore? So many questions; the more I asked, the more confused I was….for some years, my questions were unanswered. Did I make research on these questions? Yes, but the answers I got were not satisfying, that one answer couldn’t have been their problem (simply because one problem cannot be the cause of EVERY HOMELESS PERSON’S PROBLEM)

Now, I sat down to think deeply…before any problem can be solved, you have to identify the problem, right? And this birthed the question, what does homeless mean? After a lot of research, I got to know homeless means without HOME….now this doesn’t really mean ‘house’ like I thought before;

Home is the place your heart belongs to, where your heart embraces and loves naturally, the only place you get support from with love and care, a place of happiness, where your love dwells, where you run to for protection when the storm comes, where you find peace, an abode, a space for beautiful ever lasting memories, a place to call home, a place you discover your weaknesses and strengths,

Now being homeless- it means no place to call home…no place of comfort, no space to feel loved or embraced, no space to think reasonably, no space to fulfill those big dreams, no one can be trusted, no one to seek for advice, NO ONE CARES, no one thinks you exist…..when this is the case, frustration comes in, setbacks, failure, negativity, the mindset to revenge, the beast in one becomes pregnant and ready to birth Anger! Evil! Destruction! Wrath!

NO ONE deserves to go through this! It is detrimental to oneself and the world hence the birth of Victabee’s World…it focuses on the less privileged children, women and youths who are HOMELESS. It ensures less privileged children, women and youths are enlightened through Quality Education (formal and informal), Entrepreneurship, Employability and Empowerment