Little Things We Need To Know

While I was in Secondary (high) school, we were taught some things (current affairs) as my teachers and parents expected me to know them….not just me but all students. But I think adults need to know them too soooooo let’s learn =D.

So, here we go:


Multiple Birth

  • Twins – two babies born together
  • Triplets – three babies born together
  • Quadruplets – four babies born together
  • Quintuplets – five babies born together
  • Sextuplets – six babies born together
  • Septuplet – seven babies born together
  • Couplets – eight babies born together
  • Nonplus – nine babies born together
  • Decaple – ten babies born together
  • Siamese twins – babies born with their bodies joined together in any manner

Someone help with what eleven babies born together are called?????

So, the highest I’ve seen and heard is eleven babies born together; haven’t heard about 12. Who has? And who had heard about Siamese triplets?? It’s been twins so far

Ok, this is getting interesting big time. Let’s move to the next!


Modes of Address and Official Titles

  • President – His/Her Excellency
  • Governor – His/Her Excellency
  • Foreign Ambassador – Your Excellency
  • Minister/Commissioner/Legislator/Chairman/Chairlady – Honorable
  • Judges – Your Lordship
  • Magistrates – Your worship
  • Kings – His Royal Highness
  • Queens – Your Majesty
  • Crown Princess – Your Royal Highness
  • Emperors – Your Imperial Majesty
  • Arch Bishop – Your Grace
  • Pastors – The Spiritual and Temporal
  • Military Officers – they’re called according to their ranks
  • The Activities/Union – The Comrade
  • Journalists – The member of the press

Okay, I’m somewhat confused now, help! If a man becomes the president, his wife becomes the First Lady, right? So if it is the other way round, shall we refer him to as First Man or what?

Ok, let’s get down to family business which is


Family Relationship

  • Father – a male parent
  • Mother – a female parent
  • Son – the male child of his parents
  • Daughter – the female child of her parents
  • Step son – the male child from a different male/female parent
  • Step daughter – the female child from a different male/female parent
  • Brother – a son of the same parent as another person
  • Sister – a daughter of the same parent
  • Uncle – a brother or brother in-law of one’s father
  • Aunt – a sister or sister in-law of one’s father or mother
  • Nephew – one’s brother or sister’s son
  • Niece – one brother or sister’s daughter
  • Grandfather – a male grandparent (one’s parent’s parent)
  • Grandmother – a female grandparent
  • Grandson – a male grandchild (one’s children’s children)
  • Granddaughter – a female grandchild
  • Grandchild – a child of one’s son or daughter
  • First cousin – a child of one’s uncle or aunt
  • Second cousin – child of one’s parent’s cousin

The list goes on….third cousin, fourth cousin (all distant cousins) but I think it stops at the fourth as I’ve never heard of a fifth cousin. If there were to be fifth, sixth, seventh cousins…and so on, we’d all be related =D.

We also have step grandparents, step cousins, step uncles and aunties.

But is there anything as step nieces and nephews?

And is there any I forgot to put down, please feel free to share in the comment section


Victoria Lola ❤


10 thoughts on “Little Things We Need To Know

  1. I remember the books I used to read that would have all this random information. I’ve always been wondering about what we would call a husband who was in the White House with his spouse. I always said first husband and I’m sticking with it…though that didn’t happen.

  2. This reminded of the random facts that I used to see in my primary school homework planners. So happy for it though because I was literally debating with someone today about what it meant to be a second cousin!

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