Celebrating Leanne Prendergast

I’m privileged to mentor one of the most beautiful, toughest and intelligent creatures in the world; I met her some few days ago after I was assigned to mentor her.

Lemme introduce this amazing young woman to y’all.

She’s Leanne M Prendergast, she was born in London but moved to Canada at a very tender age. While in school, she was bullied because of her eyes :(. Yes. Her eyes. Imagine what she went through at a tender age. I mean, how could they have been so blind to see the beauty in those eyes; the awesomeness!

Suicide, an option? Surgery? Yes, she thought of those….she wanted a doctor to operate on those sweet eyes but the doc told her she might go blind and never see again. Thanks to her mum who encouraged her baby girl to write her experience in a book 

Getting To Know Me

…to empower other young women and girls who go through. Afterwards, guess what? She thrived. She survived. She found that strength and realized that inner power to move on in that magnificence.

Leanne Found Her Purpose

She also founded Love Our Lives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping victims of bullying.

She helps women and girls build their confidence and self esteem through PEAR method and empowerment projects, she helps girls see the inner beauty in them; the beauty that only that girl can see.

She has that passion burning in her, to help so many and I’m optimistic she can change the world. I believe in her….it’s a step by step process, right?

My special appreciation to the kids who bullied her (who are all adults now), thanks for bullying her…..because it helped her discover her beauty, her purpose.

Now, a little advice for all parents:

The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it’.

Your children are your responsibility and their future lies in your hand; train your kids from cradle. If your kids are amongst the ones ready to bully other kids for one stupid reason or the other, then you’ve got a lot of work to do, and if you know your kids do this and you do nothing about it, you need to change….because on the judgement day, you’ll surely give account of stewardship- how you train your kids in the right way. And it won’t be nice if you’re asked to go to Hell because of your kids.

I keep thanking God for Lee’s life and the angel (her mum) He sent to her to help her during that time; because most kids would never tell their parents what they go through in school because they fear what is being said about them is true and won’t want their parents to know, thereby leading to depression, loneliness, low self esteem, bad behaviour, evil thoughts and suicide, etc….the outcome is never good….but thank God for Lee.
So, today is Lee’s birthday and she’s twenty something today (well, she didn’t give me the go-ahead to disclose her age but we cool with twenny sumfin, right?). Please help me wish her a super duper day.
On this day, may you bask in love, sunshine, happiness, good memories and flowers. Happy Womb Escape :* and have a blast my baby ❤

You can also help empower these victims by donating to Love Our Lives or reach out via LinkedIn

The next post will be from Leanne herself, sharing how she spent her birthday on a cruise in Miami


Victoria Lola ❤


27 thoughts on “Celebrating Leanne Prendergast

  1. This is really inspiring. Talk about turning your lemons to lemonade. This story reminds me of my own experience. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Excellent post, Vic. Many congratulations to Leanne to come out the way she has and seems like she has set up something amazing here. Good Luck to her :), Great message for the parents!

  3. Awe this was very heart touching. I can relate I was bullied for my eyes. I was called bug eyes all the time. But just as you sad he grew up to be a beautiful person inside and out and did I!

  4. Being bullied is not easy. It wasn’t back then and it’s not easy now. Thankfully so many people are now raising awareness and openly speaking about their experiences. Thank you for sharing her story 🙂

  5. That is so beautiful to hear about Leanne. Not everyone can take their pain and turn it into such positivity and altruism towards so many. Bullying is never ok and people need to make that clear, even if you’re directly involved.

    • I agree with you, Chris. Not every one can, that’s why she’s a success and needs to be celebrated. Bullying needs to be stopped because it can ruin people without amendment. Thanks for stopping by, Chris 🙂

  6. She is beautiful and inspiring. I am happy that she found a way to change the negative into positive. Thank you for sharing.

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