25 Tips to a Successful Interview

Good evening lovelies. I hope you’re doing great? As for me, I’m better now.

Some few months back, I was given the privilege to be amongst a group of panel to interview some sets of individuals for a job role. I opted in, and the d-day arrived.

I realized that most of them were scared (which seems 2% normal I think), the way the questions were answered was totally bad (I mean, a graduate who doesn’t know how to construct English properly, who doesn’t know how to communicate effectively, for another to understand, who doesn’t even know what courses he/she offered in school nor what his/her career is all about :o)


So many youths complain the government is doing little or nothing to provide jobs but when you finally get a shot, what will you bring to the table? What are you going to offer to the company you’re about to work with, and work for? It’s really sad that many just go to school for job offers and to fit into the society, and not to for self-knowledge, self-development.

I know it’s not easy sitting for a job interview because you hardly know the questions that will be thrown at you, so I’ve decided to give tips on how to scale through any interviews

  • Be prepared from home.
  • Be aware questions can be asked from a wide range of topics. Research about the company (history, achievements, etc), the employees, etc.
  • Be prepared for any type of interview. Review your CV and make amendments where necessary
  • Review interview questions and prepare multiple responses
  • You do not want to forget all necessary documents and credentials
  • Dress in a formal way: dress for the job
  • Be there some few minutes before the start of the interview
  • When you get there, greet everyone warmly. Don’t get too familiar
  • Make eye contact
  • Be original, focused, confident and concise
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Be positive. Be calm and optimistic about the interview  and the outcome
  • Remember your manners
  • Follow instructions
  • Relax. Mind your body language
  • Wait until you’re offered a chair before sitting
  • Sit calmly, upright and stay alert and interested
  • Don’t talk too much, and go straight to the points, not beating about the bush nor stammering.
  • Try to answer all the questions
  • Do not appear too desperate
  • Communicate clearly; make your points clear, concise and sincere.
  • If you don’t understand a question, ask again
  • Sell your skills. Make them know you can add value
  • Ask questions and then
  • Follow up the interview with a thank-you letter

The continuation of this will be on ‘Likely questions to be asked during interview’

Good Luck to all job searchers, the best is on the way!

What other tips do you think are necessary to note?

Let me know what you think.


Victoria Lola ❤


20 thoughts on “25 Tips to a Successful Interview

  1. Nice tips!!! i remembered something about the sitting when you are offered a chair…i cringe when people do not ‘push back’ the chair once they stand. Its just a pet peeve for me

  2. Great tips! It can be nerve-wracking to sit before anyone in an interview. I like interviews that are casual & the interviewer wants to learn more about me, my strengths, my weaknesses. Hate interviews with recycled questions & generic questions we’ve all heard time & time again. I always believe that employers should allow their potential employees to feel comfortable. Not feeling too worked up to answer a question not related to the job position. Thanks again for these tips! I’ll be sure to use them at my next interview 🙂

    – Mellie Michelle

    • Thanks, Michelle..It really can be nerve wracking; esp facing a panel, ready to throw questions at you when you’re even yet to answer the previous question 😦 I agree with you; employers should allow employees to feel comfortable. I’m glad it helped….thanks for stopping by, beautiful xx

  3. Good points. My mom would preach the importance of eye contact at all points in life. It’s a great way to show your confidence and keep people’s attention while you’re speaking! As a recruiter of sorts for my reg. 9-5, I conduct interviews via Skype (also how many interviews are being conducted in our digital world.) I’d love to add to take a deep breathe and don’t talk to fast. Be sure to use good intonation while speaking, not a monotone voice!

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