The Power of Volunteering

That word – Volunteering!

What does it even mean? Altruism! Active! Charitable activity! Giving back! Love! Helping! Facilitating change! Action! Global citizenship! Seeing the beauty in that ugliness!

It helps fill the world and yourself with hope. Oh how I love volunteering (please give me that word that supersedes love). I have come to embrace volunteering wholeheartedly, it’s my way of life, and it has given me the experience no one else can ever give to me freely.


Truly, Volunteering is a currency that appreciates. It makes good things happen, it makes you see beyond your imagination, beyond your thinking, your knowledge and beyond what you think you see; you learn more, you crave to learn more, it brings you to understand soooooo many complexities of life; the ONLY JOB that gives you the comfort your little can (will, has) go (gone) a long way, that your little is enough, the HOPE of a shattered person. It makes you embrace who you are; it challenges you to take lead, to facilitate change. It makes you view life from different perspectives; it gives you that strength needed from within.

Volunteering fills that void, that emptiness, that ugliness. It gives you that freedom!

Volunteering is what we all need to make that change we wish to see.

The power of volunteering; volunteering is that power!

I shall be writing about my volunteering experiences soon, and how it had helped shaped my life to the woman I am (and have become), who I want to be and what I will be.


Good morning,




54 thoughts on “The Power of Volunteering

    • Please go for it! Do it… It’s fun! Take the kids with you also…’s an experience they’ll never forget and they also will inculcate that spirit of volunteering. Go girl ❤

  1. I enjoy volunteering as well. It’s hard to top the feeling that your’re doing something full of meaning and purpose. It feels good to give back. I especially enjoy the people I come across and how grateful I feel for the blessings in my life.

  2. To me, volunteering is giving back some of what society gave to me, in terms of education, security and support. It should be part of our shared culture, the idea of giving part of our work for the benefit of others.

  3. Volunteering, what a great way to help! I would love volunteer to eldery homes etc, I just haven’t been able to make it happen yet. Reading this reminded me, that I gotta do it now! Thank you!

  4. It is so refreshing to read your post on volunteering. I live in Cambodia and the attitude of some expats towards it, though valid to some degree, is just outright horrible. People seem to lack a balanced view of the whole process. I believe volunteering while being aware of the issues surrounding the project you volunteer for is important. This helps one to make the right choices. I have been a volunteer for most of my life and most of the time it’s been a rewarding experience. Many thanks for sharing this.

  5. I used to volunteer all the time and I loved it. It really does make you feel good if it is something you genuinely enjoy.

  6. Yup I do agree Volunteering is really a great cause.I did volunteering work during my free time too.It can be as simple as teaching needy students on their stuff or volunteering myself as a fitness coach to help others in their fitness.

  7. I like the idea of volunteering, it helps both the giver and the receiver. However, we can do nice things for our neighbors anytime we have the opportunity.

  8. My husband and I do a lot of volunteering. In fact .. we met at our town’s soup kitchen! There’s nothing like giving back. It’s good for the soul

    • Wow! You should share your story, that’s one success story. I agree with you, volunteering is so good for the soul…..never give up on volunteering. Thank you for stopping by, Alison xx

  9. We have a huge homeless problem here in Seattle and it’s so sad. Great to hear about organizations like this that are trying to make a difference. We all need to try to do our part!

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