Victabee’s World

Victabee’s World is a non-profit organization working towards the 4 E’s which are Quality Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Employability for Children, Women and Youths.

Now, what does VICTABEE even mean? After all, it is not in any dictionary. Ok, so lemme tell ya what it means…..

It is a World of Volunteering! Impart! Impart! Knowledge and power! Children, women and youths! Training! Acceptance, Accountability and development! Building skills and standards! Education, Empowerment, Employability and Entrepreneurship………. All these to conceive Effective, Efficient and responsible present and future independent, trusted leaders and change makers

So, VIC-TA-BEE means

Volunteering to

Impart and impact a culture of knowledge and power to the less privileged and homeless

Children, women and youths

Training minds through Innovation, Creativity, Empowerment (ICE) while learning and illuminating

Acceptance, Accountability, All-round Development and

Building leadership skills and standards through

Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Employability for

Effective and efficient and responsible present and future independent, trusted change makers

What inspired Victabee?

In 2007, I came across The Globe Magazine for the World’s Children Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC)…….In this magazine, I got to know soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people are homeless and hopeless….It was so difficult for me to assimilate the fact that someone could be homeless and I asked some questions no one was ready to give answers to. I asked? Who gave birth to these people? Do they have parents? Why will their parents abandon them or send them out of the house? Did they run away from home? Or their houses were demolished by the government? Or they couldn’t afford pay rent anymore? So many questions; the more I asked, the more confused I was….for some years, my questions were unanswered. Did I make research on these questions? Yes, but the answers I got were not satisfying, that one answer couldn’t have been their problem (simply because one problem cannot be the cause of EVERY HOMELESS PERSON’S PROBLEM)

Now, I sat down to think deeply…before any problem can be solved, you have to identify the problem, right? And this birthed the question, what does homeless mean? After a lot of research, I got to know homeless means without HOME….now this doesn’t really mean ‘house’ like I thought before;

Home is the place your heart belongs to, where your heart embraces and loves naturally, the only place you get support from with love and care, a place of happiness, where your love dwells, where you run to for protection when the storm comes, where you find peace, an abode, a space for beautiful ever lasting memories, a place to call home, a place you discover your weaknesses and strengths,

Now being homeless- it means no place to call home…no place of comfort, no space to feel loved or embraced, no space to think reasonably, no space to fulfill those big dreams, no one can be trusted, no one to seek for advice, NO ONE CARES, no one thinks you exist…..when this is the case, frustration comes in, setbacks, failure, negativity, the mindset to revenge, the beast in one becomes pregnant and ready to birth Anger! Evil! Destruction! Wrath!

NO ONE deserves to go through this! It is detrimental to oneself and the world hence the birth of Victabee’s World…it focuses on the less privileged children, women and youths who are HOMELESS. It ensures less privileged children, women and youths are enlightened through Quality Education (formal and informal), Entrepreneurship, Employability and Empowerment


44 thoughts on “Victabee’s World

  1. I loved this! I have been homeless and I do everything I can to give back! People don’t realize that homelessness goes far beyond the material, it definitely affects a person’s mental state. Great read!

    • It’s good to know you do everything you can do give back not minding the fact that you’ve got so little… haven’t allowed yourself to be hindered by the little….
      I agree with you; it goes far beyond the material. Keep making that difference….your little is def enough
      Thanks Bri ❤

    • Thank you, Eboni. Yes, most people do not care at all…so sad 😦 but according to Mahatma Gandhi, we should be the change we wish to see…..with this in mind, the world will be a peaceful zone
      Once again, thanks for stopping by :*

  2. Your definition of homeless is definitely profound,I have had that feeling before but not because I couldn’t afford a home but because I felt alone. People ask me why do I visit poor people, I say because they appreciate it more. Great Job victoria

    • Yes Scottie, I agree with you; it’s a reeling of loneliness and then there’s no one to share with because no one seems to get it 😦
      Please keep doing just that; visiting the poor :*
      Thank you Mz Scottie ❤

  3. Sounds like a great cause. The education and empowerment of women and children is always a smart investment for the future.

  4. No place to call home, no one cares, no one thinks you exist..isn’t it a form of death? totally separated from love and cares that we as human being need. I really admire you for taking action with your calling. I hope each of us could make a difference with whatever gift that we had. Thank you so much for your big heart.

  5. I love how you identified the meaning of homelessness. You really dug deep and I appreciate your effort so much. I pray the world has more people like you. I’m deeply inspired!

  6. What a wonderful organisation to start. There are far too many homeless people in this world. I love your definition of homeless, it is very true. You sound like you have a lot of passion for this cause, I wish you the best of luck. The world needs more people like you.

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