Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the recognition of your personality, your strengths, your weaknesses, likes, dislikes, love, hate. Self awareness can help one recognize who they are and know your abilities. Having clarity about who you are and what you want and why you want it, and allows you to consciously and actively make your wants a reality.

We have the inner self and the outer self.

The inner self is the person that no one else ever sees – your TRUE SELF. This part of us consists of the true feelings, desires, dislikes that we mask from the world in order to be accepted and admired by the wider society. Finding our unique self means removing the mask.

The outer self: we spend so much time focused on our outer selves – the person we present to others. The outer self is concerned with what others think about us. It is always looking over our shoulders at what others are doing and comparing ourselves to others. The outer self is the mask we wear to cover up the fact that we have lost touch with our true self.

Without authenticity, others will not connect with you and you will eventually find yourself alone and your potential redundant.

Is there a difference between who you are and what you reveal to your friends, family, colleagues, etc?

Test 1: Make a list of the difference between your inner self and outer self (these attributes, behaviors, attitudes, actions, weakness, strength, likes and dislikes),

Test 2: Draw your self portrait (could be symbols or colors or objects like tree, animals or equipments) to represent how you see yourself

and use these tests to work on yourself.

Good luck


44 thoughts on “Self Awareness

  1. I try my best to be the same no matter who is around. I tend to hide depending on the perso because life, but I’m working on getting back there.

  2. Oh, I agree with you
    Sometimes I behave in a certain way when meeting someone, but deep inside I know that I am not like that
    I am aware of my true feelings, but I know that I can’t say all that I want if I want peace

  3. Self awareness is essential, and self love is very important. great article Thanks for reminding about ourselves. and the tests you’ve mentioned they are really very good.

  4. Is there a difference between who you are and what you reveal to your friends, family, colleagues, etc? Yes. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’d love to be more open, but I tend to stay inside my head.

    • Yes, I feel we act differently to different people….which could be bad because when we reveal the other way (attitude), then it looks as if we’re not honest. We should all strive to be open.
      Thank you, love x

  5. There is definitely a difference between who I am and what I reveal to everyone else. I’m not inauthentic .. I just don’t share every minute. Makes me think of social media .. how we put snippets of our lives out there for public consumption .. but it’s far from telling the whole story

    • I agree (to not share every minute) Alison, we keep working on ourselves daily
      ….concerning the social media share, we can totally avoid sharing our private life on social media…I mean there’s no award for sharing so why not share what we’re comfortable with, even
      if it goes viral? Xx

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